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Current office hours


Monday 3:15- 9:15
Tuesday 3:15-9:15
Wednesday 1:00:-9:45
Thursday 3:15-9:45
Friday 3:15-9:15
Saturday 7:45-5:15
Sunday 8:45-5:45

Please call #905 623-4882

If you call when we're closed, please leave a message.
We ALWAYS return calls,
Registration Procedures:

Registration is on-going. Check with front office for availability classes and times
Our Friendly Office Staff will help you online, on the phone or in person.

Viewing Policy: Our Viewing Balcony is open to parents at any time.

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422  Lake Road East
Bowmanville ,Ontario L1C 4P8            
Phone : 905 623-4882
Pro-Rated reufunds for program fees only may be issued up until the second week of classes
and are subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee. The $35.00 G.O. fee is non refundable.
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