To help ensure the children are in a safe and positive environment, please abide by the following rules and
discuss them with your child:


Be polite towards coaches and fellow athletes

Kinder Stars may wait in the lobby to be escorted into the gym by their coach.

Girls and Boy's recreational classes may proceed safely into the gym to their respective change rooms if
needed. They may then wait at the end of the blue walkway for their coach to escort them onto the floor.
Athletes may not enter floor area or use any equipment prior to the starting of class.


No food , gum or candy allowed in classes

Water only during class. Please bring clearly marked water bottle with your child's name

The only allowable attire is shorts & t- shirt or leotard/ body suit. NO zippers, strings or buckles or hats.
We do have a Boutique if you would like to purchase leotards,shorts , t- shirts, hoodies and pants.

Stud earrings only

Bare feet are best but gymnastics slippers are permitted.

Long hair should be tied back away from the eyes  in pony tail or pig tails so that the athlete can see clearly.


Be on time for class, warm up is a very important part of your child's program.

Parents are not permitted in the gym, unless registered in a class.

Please come inside while dropping off or picking up your athlete, children must be supervised before and
after class.

Please have cell phones and other devices set to quire or vibrate.

Refrain from loud activity that may distract the gymnasts.

DO NOT communicate with the athletes from the parents viewing area. Calling , signalling and waiving is both
distracting and UNSAFE for the athletes. We cannot stress this point enough. Please respect this very
important safety guideline.
If you need your child's attention for any reason please proceed to the office and a staff member will happily
bring your child to you.

Please direct any questions or concerns to our office staff.

Please leave valuables at home.

Class cancellations during  inclement weather may occur. Please call the office by 9:25 am for daytime
classes and, by 3:00 for evening classes to confirm any cancellations.


There is a risk of potential injury involved in training and participating in any sport,
Both Gymnastics Ontario and the club have tried to  create a safe and controlled environment for participation.
Rules have been established for participation and conduct in and around the gymnastics are that may be

All prices shown do not include HST or the annual Gymnastics Ontario  fee
*( renewable July 1st of each

The $35.00 Gymnastics Ontario fee is non refundable



In all cases, fees are non-refundable if past the 10 day period in compliance with
your rights under the Consumer Protection Act.  Withdrawals due to medical
reasons may receive credit and a $25 cancellation fee will apply. All credit requests
must be accompanied by a medical certificate. Credit will be offered from the date
that written notice of withdrawal is provided. Failure to attend a class does not
constitute notice of withdrawal.  The $35.00 insurance fee is non-refundable.

Please note the $35.00 insurance fee is non-refundable.
Refunds and changes will be offered up until 14 days prior to the first day of camp.  
No switching, refunds or credits will be offered this day. $25.00 administration fee
will be applied to all refunds.

Example: If the date of the camp/clinic is on July 22nd, you can ask to switch dates,
receive a credit or a refund up until Monday, July 8th. After this day credits, or
refunds will not be issued.


Please note the $35.00 insurance fee is non-refundable.
Refunds will be offered up until 14 days prior to the scheduled lesson.  Changes to
the date of the scheduled lesson will be permitted up until 48 hours prior to the

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